Friday, April 6, 2012

Reince Priebus' War on Caterpillars

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus yesterday:
HUNT: Let me ask you this. The Democrats of course say you are waging, the GOP is waging a war on women. I know you don’t agree with that, but looking at the polls, you have a gender gap problem. Recent polls show a huge, huge margin for Democrats among women voters. How big a problem is it? How do you close it?
PRIEBUS: Well, for one thing, if the Democrats said we had a war on caterpillars, and mainstream media outlets talked about the fact that Republicans have a war on caterpillars, then we have problems with caterpillars. The fact of the matter is it’s a fiction and this started a war against the Vatican that this president pursued. He still hasn’t answered Archbishop Dolan’s issues with Obama world and Obamacare, so I think that’s the first issue.
 The exchange was, of course, about the dozens of state initiatives launched by Republicans to curtail women's rights. These initiatives range from limits on reproductive choice to the ability to earn wages equal to men.

Apparently Priebus didn't mind comparing women to insects.

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